Deadlines for Degree Progress

This chart provides recommended completion dates and final deadlines for progress for developmental graduate students. Students should work toward completion of all activities by the recommended date. Students remain in good standing as long as they complete each activity by its final deadline.

Annual Feedback:

Developmental faculty review all students’ academic activities annually. This evaluation includes assessment of research progress, class performance, and teaching performance. After this review, the Area Director and the student’s faculty advisor will complete a written comprehensive evaluation to provide constructive feedback to each student regarding progress.


Deadlines for Completed Task

Semester Recommended Final*
Year 1 Fall
Summer Masters Proposal
Year 2 Fall
Spring Masters Proposal
Year 3 Fall Masters Thesis
Summer Masters Thesis
Year 4 Fall Qualification Exam
Summer Dissertation Proposal Qualification Exam
Year 5 Fall
Summer Dissertation Completed Dissertation Proposal
Year 6 Fall
Summer Dissertation Completed


These deadlines are intended for students who begin the program with no prior masters research completed. Students who enter the program with a master’s degree are considered to be starting at Year 2 or Year 3 above, based on consultation with advisor and Area Director.