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Computer Policies

Very few of these policies are created at the departmental level. This gives us very little leeway in making exceptions.

Networked Machines

Machines connected by wire to the infrastructure network (wall plate) are to be managed by IT Support personnel. The following restrictions are placed on these machines:

  • Only IT Support has administrative access to the machine
  • All software is installed by IT Support. The supervising faculty must approve software installation requests.
  • All software is licensed or freeware. No inappropriately acquired software will be installed.
  • Peer-to-peer networking has been banned from campus. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Connecting machine to machine on UF campus, with the exception of Servers.
    • Connecting of off campus services such as torrents.
  • Do not move machines from room to room without notifying IT Support. Many of the network ports are not activated and you may not be able to log into the machine.

Wireless Network

People who are affiliated with the University of Florida will need to use the “UF” wireless network. To set up your personal machine connect to “UF Info” wireless network; open a web browser; follow the directions in the browser.

Visitors to the University who come from an “EduRoam” enabled campus may connect to the ‘eduroam” wireless network and used their personal campus credentials to authenticate to the network. Conversely, if you visit an “EduRoam” enabled campus, you may use your GatorLink credentials to access their network.

Visitors to UF who do not have affiliation to UF or an “EduRoam” affiliated campus may use the “visitor” wireless network. Network services has a web page with instructions on using the visitor network.


UF Related Email

To maintain official records as per the Sunshine laws, all emails that are involved with UF business must be routed through UF servers.

To avoid data breaches, no sensitive data can be sent through email, these include but are not restricted to: Social Security Numbers, Student Records (FIRPA), medical information (HIPPA), data restricted through contracts, UFID (for students – FERPA).

Please contact IT Support for group emails

  • Distribution List – A single email sends the email to the personal folder of everyone who is on the list.
  • Group Mail Account – This is a separate entity that has its own mail folder. There is a security group that controls who has access. Access to the group account is verified through the individuals Gatorlink username and password. There is not a shared password for this type of account.

UF Mobile Encryption Policy

This policy applies to all devices that store UF Data. The device can be personally owned or property of the University of Florida. Devices include, but are not limited to: laptops, tablets, thumb drives, external hard drives, and phones. Basically, if it can hold or transmit data and is not a desktop computer, it should be encrypted and need a password to unlock.

Remote Access Policy

The goal of this policy is to protect UF computers and data from attack and unauthorized Internet access, and applies to all methods used to access services and information systems from off campus. Any method used for remote access to UF services and information systems must be approved by VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie.

Remote Access: Methods allowing authorized users to interact with university information systems and networks via methods or networks not controlled by the university (e.g. The Internet). Examples of remote access include Virtual Private Networks (VPN), remote desktop and terminal sessions.

VPN: Virtual Private Network – The following remote access methods have been approved:

File Storage / Collaboration

UF requires data storage locations/services to be vetted. Here are the current options.

UF Identity Management (IdM) Policy

The University requires everyone to be in their central database. For this purpose you receive a UFID and a GatorLink ID. They are unique and will not be reissued to another individual. It is your responsibility to keep your data up to date and accurate in the PeopleSoft system (Main Menu > My Account > Update My Directory Profile).

User Accounts Management Policy

User access to Psychology resources are controlled through GatorLink account access.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student are granted access for the time they are employed or enrolled. Upon retirement, termination, or graduation access is revoked. As some emeritus faculty continue to work, and graduates use their website for job seeking purposed, and extension of access can be granted.

All temporary account are terminated at the end of each semester. These are generally Research Assistants, but can also include others such as collaborators or OPS temp employees. The purpose of closing these accounts to to ensure your data security. Also, if anyone leaves your lab space mid-semester please inform the IT Staff so they can remove the account from your lab group.