An HP 1200 Poster PrinterThe poster printing has been a popular success. Each faculty and graduate student are currently permitted one poster printing per semester. Exceptions to this limit are only granted through the departmental Chair.

When designing the layout of your poster have one dimension set at 36″. This is most commonly the height of the poster. Normal widths are anywhere between 48″ and 84″ inches. Poster size restrictions are different depending on what conference you are attending. Be sure to have your poster fit within their size restraints. The preferred format is Microsoft PowerPoint. Adobe Acrobat pdf files are acceptable as well. If sending in an Acrobat file, please include the slide dimensions.

Please make note that if you put captioning over an image in PowerPoint, the image will show up as white when printed.  To avoid this issue, lay out the image and captioning the way you like it.  Zoom in on it and take a screen capture.  Replace the image and captioning with the new image.

Do not wait until the last minute to request poster printing. The printer is in the IT Support office and print jobs are only run during normal IT Support hours. Please allow a 3 business day lead time. This allows us to resolve any unexpected issues. After printing, the poster will be placed in room 114, the Psychology Main Office.

To have your poster printed, email it to and we will process it as soon as possible.

There are resources available if have already used your quota or have undergraduate students who need to print posters. UF Academic Technologies has a poster printer/plotter available. Their informational website is