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Purchasing Information

  • Send all non-computer orders to¬†Rachel Harris at Rachel will work to ensure your orders are placed using the appropriate method of payment.
  • Include the funding source in the email.
  • Include a link for orders totaling $4,999 or less.
  • For orders requiring quotes, follow quote levels below.
    • Quote Levels & Non-Contract Vendors
      • Requisition Total below $5,000: No quotes required.
      • Requisition Total between $5,000 & $25,000: 2 or more verbal quotes referenced on the requisition.
      • Requisition Total between $25,000 & $75,000: 2 or more WRITTEN quotes attached or faxed to your Procurement Office.
      • Work with Jennifer Scott for all computer, computer related items, and software purchases.
    • Send Ikeade Akinyemi an email regarding the funding source to charge for computer, computer related items and software purchases.

Contract Vendors

If the item is on State or University Contract, you only need to obtain the hard copy quote from the vendor you are ordering the item from. No additional quotes are necessary.

Sole Sources

What is a Sole Source?

A Sole Source is an item or service is that is only available from one source, regardless of its price. This may be due to uniqueness, newness on the market, the item being patent protected, etc. A lower price, faster delivery time and/or preferring to do business with a company is not a valid reason for selecting a particular company. Procurement can only accept a true Sole Source as justification to waive the bid requirements for purchases over $75,000.

How do I prepare a Sole Source?

The first step is for the Principle Investigator (PI) and/or program Administrator to determine what is needed to accomplish the research/project. (We in Procurement rely on the PI’s to be the “resident authority” on the item they are wanting). Once the item has been identified as only available from one source, then the vendor should provide a written quotation. Please note that written quotes are normally only good for 30 days and Procurement will return the requisition and attachments if the time period has expired.

Once the quote is received, the Sole Source Certification form answers should be typed and all items should be answered thoroughly, in layman’s terms. Do not leave any question blank.

The PI should then sign the Sole Source Certification under the “Department Approval, Principle Investigator’s Signature” heading. The “Procurement Approval, Procurement Agent’s Signature and Authorized Signature”lines will be signed by Procurement.