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Behavior analysis is a natural-science approach to understanding the causes of behavior. In basic behavior analysis, we investigate general learning processes and principles that govern the behavior of humans and other animals. Applied behavior analysis is the scientific application of these principles to a wide range of socially relevant behavior. A behavioral perspective entails respect and appreciation for the unique life histories and circumstances underlying an individual’s behavior, and as such it embraces diversity as a central part of the human experience, our approach to studying it, and as a source of strength and excellence in undergraduate and graduate training. Professionals in applied behavior analysis address behavioral needs in a variety of contexts including education, organizational behavior management, drug addictions, and work with persons with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Behavior Analysis area provides instruction, training, and research opportunities. Students receive instruction and mentorship from faculty and affiliated faculty, and may choose to emphasize programs of study in areas of behavior analysis including behavioral economics, organizational behavior management, developmental disabilities, behavioral medicine and health behavior, behavioral safety, substance abuse, and translational research, among others.