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Specialty Psychology Programs

Developmental Psychology and the College of Education

The University of Florida Psychology department offers a Ph.D. co-major with the College of Education. A Ph.D. co-major is a program of study for a single degree in which a student satisfies the requirements in two separate academic disciplines that offer the Ph.D. The purpose is to provide interdisciplinary training to graduate students in both developmental psychology and research and evaluation methodology. Students seeking applied careers may benefit from this interdisciplinary training.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The University of Florida, through the Psychology Department, offers a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. The certificate is open to all Master’s and Doctoral students across campus. The Certificate is intended to provide specialized multidisciplinary training and development for students who have a gerontology/geriatric focus in their disciplinary graduate program and will be completing a thesis or dissertation related to aging. Note that this certificate constitutes required curriculum for Aging Training Program (NIA, T32) trainees.

Neurobiological Interdisciplinary Studies

As part of the CLAS IDS program, Psychology previously coordinated one of the possible interdisciplinary programs in Neurobiology. The IDS/Neuro programs focused on Behavioral or Cognitive Neuroscience have been replaced by the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience track in the Psychology major. This track includes nearly all of the same coursework previously required under the IDS/Neurobiology Major that emphasized behavior and cognition. As with the IDS major, students in the BCN track are able to do a senior thesis; students are able to conduct research related to their interests in neuroscience with non-Psychology faculty but will need to have a Psychology faculty member on their committee. Students also have full access to the Psychology Department Advising office, to answer questions about our major and the BCN track.

Joint Ph.D./J.D. Program

This is a joint degree program between the College of Law and the Department of Psychology culminating in both a Juris Doctor and a Ph.D. in Psychology degree.