Christina Alligood, Ph.D., BCBA-D (West Virginia University, 2007). Lecturer. Dr. Alligood’s areas of interest include instructional design, emergent stimulus relations, and applications of behavior analysis to enhance the welfare of nonhuman animals, such as cooperative training, environmental enrichment, behavioral problem solving, and behavior change supporting the conservation of wildlife and wild places.

Jesse Dallery, Ph.D. (Emory University, 1999). Professor. Dr. Dallery has interests in choice and decision making, quantitative models, addiction, and technology-based interventions to promote health behavior – with a special emphasis on contingency management interventions.

Iser G. DeLeon, Ph.D. (University of Florida, 1997). Professor. Dr. DeLeon’s interests include applied behavior analysis, assessment and treatment of behavior disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and translational research in behavioral economics and determinants of stimulus value.

Nicole Dorey, Ph.D. (University of Exeter, England, 2008).  Lecturer.  Dr. Dorey’s area of interests include applying behavior analysis to improving the welfare of nonhuman animals such as evaluating preference and choice, environmental enrichment, assessing the function of and modifying problem behavior as well as investigations into finding the most effective positive reinforcement animal training method.

Nicole Gravina, Ph.D. (Western Michigan University, 2008). Assistant Professor. Dr. Gravina has interests in organizational behavior management including behavioral safety, interventions for improving performance and service delivery in hospitals and human service organizations, consulting and leadership skills, and time management.

Brian A. Iwata, Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1974). Distinguished Professor and Director of the Florida Center on Self-Injury. His primary areas of interest are applied behavior analysis, developmental disabilities, functional analysis of behavior disorders, program evaluation, and staff training and management.

Timothy R. Vollmer, Ph.D. (University of Florida, 1992). Professor. Dr. Vollmer has interests in applied behavior analysis, developmental disabilities, school-based assessment and treatment, behavioral parenting, and evaluation of reinforcement schedules as treatment for severe behavior disorders.

Affiliate faculty

Meredith S. Berry, Ph.D. (University of Montana, 2015).  Assistant Professor,  Department of Health Education and Behavior.

Professor Emeriti:

Marc N. Branch, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 1972). Professor Emeritus. Dr. Branch has interests in the general experimental analysis of behavior with special emphasis on conditioned reinforcement. Current research focuses on behavioral pharmacology with special emphasis on behavioral contributors to tolerance to psychoactive drugs.

H. S. Pennypacker, Ph.D. (Duke University, 1962). Professor Emeritus. Dr. Pennypacker is an experimental and applied behavior analyst with primary interests in the transfer of behavioral technology from the laboratory to the community and culture at large.

Current Graduate Students in Behavior Analysis:

  • Student Year in Program Advisor
    Argueta, Tracy 1 DeLeon
    Bacotti, Janelle 1 Vollmer
    Barlow, Molly 4 Dallery
    Bolivar, Hypatia 6 Dallery
    Bonner, Andrew 2 DeLeon
    Conine, Daniel 4 Vollmer
    Craddock, Lesleigh 1 Dallery
    Fernandez, Nathalie 4 DeLeon
    Foster, Margaret 3 DeLeon
    Goldman, Kissel 4 DeLeon
    Green, Nick 4 Dallery
    Grauerholz-Fisher, Emma 5 Vollmer
    Kronfli, Faris 4 Vollmer
    Laureano, Brianna 3 DeLeon
    Lloveras, Lindsay 1 Vollmer
    Martner, Sarah 6 Dallery
    Matey, Nicholas 1 Gravina
    Morris, Sam 2 Vollmer
    Ong, Triton 4 Dallery
    Perez, Brandon 3 Vollmer
    Pizzaro, Eliana 4 Vollmer
    Schieber, Elizabeth 4 DeLeon
    Slanzi, Crystal 2 Vollmer
    Sleiman, Andressa 1 Gravina
    Stedman-Falls, Lisa 4 Dallery
    Villegas, Andrea 3 Dallery
    Weinsztok, Sarah 3 DeLeon

Current Position of Recent Graduates (2013-present):

  • Rachel Cassidy, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Brown University School of Medicine
  • Meghan Deshais, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Caldwell University, NJ
  • Jeanne Donaldson, Ph. D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University
  • David Cox, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Philip Erb, Ph.D. – Clinical Director, Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis, Tampa Bay, FL
  • Jonathan Fernand, Ph.D.—Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Florida, Department of Psychology.
  • Erica Feuerbacher, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Anthrozoology, Carroll College
  • Jennifer Haddock, Ph.D. – Postdocotoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Nathan Hall, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Companion Animal Science, Texas Tech
  • Brantley Jarvis, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Paul “Ray”Joslyn, – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Berry College
  • Leah Koehler, Ph.D. – Teaching Faculty, Florida State University Panama City
  • Allison Kurti, Ph.D. – Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Vermont
  • Sarah Mead, Ph.D. – Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences, University of Kansas
  • Lindsay Merkham, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Monmouth University (NJ)
  • Steven Meredith, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Vanessa Minervini, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Pharmacology, UT Health Science Center San Antonio
  • Alexandra Protopopova, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science, Texas Tech University
  • Angie Querim, Ph.D. – Instructor, School of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Alana Rojewski Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Catherine Baker Simms, Ph.D. – President, Florida Children’s Institute
  • Sara Slocum, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Rollins College
  • Michele Traub, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University
  • Stephen Walker, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Behavior Analysis, Aurora University
  • Kara Wunderlich, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, University of Georgia