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General Psychology Links

IRB UF IRBs review all research involving human subjects to ensure the welfare and rights of research participants are protected as mandated by federal and state laws, local policies, and ethical principles. IRB submission and review is fully online. See their website for information on setting up an account in the system as well as description and contact information for IRB-01 (medical) and IRB-02 (behavioral/non-medical). – The American Psychological Association web site.

Counseling Links – Division 17 is the division of the American Psychological Association that addresses professional interests associated with counseling psychology. The division is dedicated to promoting education and training, scientific investigation, practice, and diversity and public interest in professional psychology.

Neuroscience Links

Society for Neuroscience Chapter -The North Central Florida Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience was established in 2009 to promote education and research in the neurosciences. Our goal is also to raise public awareness of significant developments in neuroscience and their societal impacts by providing an outlet for information exchange between scientists and the community.