Print Smart Printers

The Department provides a printer on each floor with offices in both the Psychology Building and McCarty-C. These printers are multi-function devices. Not only do the function as a printer, but they also copy and scan to your email. All faculty can print to the printer on their floor. A 5 digit print code is required.

Faculty who wish to have their students or lab be able to print or copy can also request codes for their students or lab. Please don’t share your code within your lab. As scanning to email does not use any resources, it is available to anyone who wishes to use it. The only stipulation is that the email addresses that the scan is being sent to must be UF email addresses (ending with

Copy Policy

Eligible for Photocopying

  • All Psychology Course Tests (other course items, generally speaking, should be on the web and not photocopied)
  • All Faculty Research
  • All Grant Funded Research

Ineligible for Photocopying

  • Whole books or chapters
  • Other materials whose photocopying or duplication violates copyright or other laws
  • Materials that are not directly related to instruction of Psychology courses, faculty research, or Department grant-funded research.
  • Materials that are part of a Department graduate student’s Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, including journal articles, book chapters, and parts of books destined for inclusion in a thesis or dissertation; research materials for collecting thesis or dissertation data; and draft or final copies of the thesis or dissertation


  • All teaching/research copying submitted for staff to photocopy should be presented to the Main Office AT LEAST 48-HOURS IN ADVANCE. SUBMITTING REQUESTS ON FRIDAY WILL BE RETURNED ON TUESDAY.
  • Graduate and Faculty Instructors with graduate or undergraduate TAs are required to have the TAs manage photocopying for coursework. The staff (Jackie or David) will be happy to provide assistance and tutorials.
  • Instructors must provide their copy code to any undergraduate TAs that are assigned a photocopy task. We will not provide a copy code to anyone not on payroll within the Department.
  • Graduate instructors and faculty without graduate and/or undergraduate TAs may send all course material to Jackie, David and Jamie electronically for photocopying. Please include all three staff members on the email.
  • Please submit materials electronically and include Jamie Rule, David Fowler and Jackie Rollins on the email. Hardcopy tests or quizzes should be placed in a sealed envelope or covered and will be returned the same way.
  • This policy does not prohibit faculty, graduate TA’s, graduate RA’s, or other eligible users from using Departmental photocopying machines as needed.


As printing is available through the PrintSmart printers on each floor, the Department no longer purchases toner for faculty or labs. IT support will gladly order the toner for you, but it will be charged to your funds.

UF now has a toner recycling program. It can be toner from any UF owned device. When you replace your toner, pack up the old cartridge in the box the new toner came in. Place it in room 114 on the counter where the mail drop is. Mail and Document services will pick up the old cartridge to be recycled.