Self-Service Software

To facilitate faster installation of general software to infrastructure machines the Department of Psychology now has “Software Center” installed on Windows based computer systems.  To access the software center, click on the Windows Menu button, scroll down to the Microsoft System Center, expand the drop down, and click on the Software Center menu item (image).

After the Software Center opens you will be presented with a collection of software you will be able to install.  The items here are free to our University owned computers, or have already paid for the site license.  Select the item you wish installed.  A new screen will appear with details of the product.  Most of the products will install silently.  If not there will be a note to go along with the installation.  A few items require additional codes to be added after the installation.  This will be done by the IT Staff.  This image is representative of what the software center will look like.

In addition, when you are finished with the software and you no longer wish to use it, the Software Center can also uninstall the products listed on its page.  Again, click on the product, it will have an uninstall button this time.  Poke it and most of the items will uninstall.  A few will respond that the software has failed to uninstall.  Clicking on the try again button will usually fix this.