Required courses for Developmental PhD (through 2017)

Graduate students are typically enrolled in 9 credits per semester if on a TA or RA appointment, satisfied through a combination of structured coursework and supervised research in the mentor’s lab. All students participate in research continuously regardless of whether they enroll for research credits.

Core Curriculum (Must be completed in Years 1 – 2)

DEP 6057 Advanced Developmental Psychology I: Cognitive Development – 3 credits

DEP 6058 Advanced Developmental Psychology II: Social Development – 3 credits

DEP 6406 Advanced Adulthood and Aging – 3 credits

*CLP 6527 Measurement Research Design and Statistics I – 3 credits

*CLP 6528 Measurement Research Design and Statistics II – 3 credits

Seminar on Psychological Science (Year 1)

*additional departmentally-approved statistics sequences may be substituted in consultation with the faculty mentor and Graduate Coordinator of the Department

Advanced Research (Years 1 – 3)

DEP 6059 or DEP 6409 revolving topics in Developmental Psychology – 6 credits

PSY 6905 Independent Study can be used to satisfy 3 credits of Advanced Seminar requirements provided it is a unique topic of investigation, separate from the thesis or dissertation, and produces a final written product.

Department Requirement for Breadth (see Department Handbook for details)

Elective courses: 9 credits in psychology outside Developmental or 9 credits any department Serve as the Instructor of Record for an undergraduate course (most often PSY2012)

Research Courses

PSY 6905 Individual Work

PSY 6910 Supervised Research

PSY 6971 Master’s Thesis Research

PSY 7979 Advanced Research

PSY 7989 Doctoral Dissertation Research