Required courses for Developmental PhD (2018 and later)

Graduate students typically enroll in 9 credits per semester if on a TA or RA appointment, satisfied through a combination of coursework and supervised research in the mentor’s lab. Students participate in research continuously regardless of enrollment for research credits.

Core Curriculum

Students attend the weekly DEP 6059: Developmental Research Colloquium throughout their entire program; see registration and other details here .

Complete in Year 1

DEP 6099: Survey of Developmental Psychology

Seminar on Psychological Science (SPS)

Complete in Year 1 – 3

  • Statistics (2 courses)

*CLP 6527 Measurement Research Design and Statistics I – 3 credits

*CLP 6528 Measurement Research Design and Statistics II – 3 credits

*additional departmentally-approved statistics sequences may be substituted in consultation with the faculty mentor and Graduate Coordinator of the Department

  • Advanced Development (3 courses)

Three DEP 6000-level classes taught by any core Dev faculty (as listed below). Usually, one course will be offered each semester. Some of these may be offered as grad-undergrad offerings. Contact Instructor for information as needed.

Examples offerings include, but are not limited to:

Susan Bluck – DEP 6406: Adulthood & Aging; DEP 6059: Autobiographical Memory across the Lifespan; DEP 6059 Death and Dying; DEP 6059 Issues and Concepts in Gerontology

Natalie Ebner – DEP 6059: Aging and the Human Brain; DEP 6059: Developmental Approach to Decision Science; DEP 6059 Emotion and Motivation in Aging

Jeff Farrar – DEP 6057: Cognitive Development; DEP 6059: Social Cognitive Development; DEP 6059 Language Development

Julia Graber – DEP 6058: Advanced Developmental Psychology; DEP 6058: Social and Personality Development; DEP 6059: Developmental Psychopathology

Darlene Kertes – DEP 6059: Developmental Psychobiology of Stress; DEP 6059: Behavioral Epigenetics; DEP 6059: Biology-Behavior Interface Across the Lifespan; DEP 6059: Infant Development

Lisa Scott – DEP 6930: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience; DEP 6930: Face Processing; PSY 6930: Communicating Psychological Science

Department Requirement for Breadth (see Department Handbook for details)

Elective courses: 9 credits in psychology outside Developmental or 9 credits any department Serve as the Instructor of Record for an undergraduate course (most often PSY2012)

Possible Research Credits Include:

PSY 6905 Individual Work

PSY 6910 Supervised Research

PSY 6971 Master’s Thesis Research

PSY 7979 Advanced Research

PSY 7989 Doctoral Dissertation Research