Overview of Psychology at UF

The links to the left provide you with an overview of requirements and opportunities for undergraduate psychology majors. Psychology majors receive a broad, science-based liberal arts education. The curriculum emphasizes the principles and applications of psychological knowledge as a natural and social science. Psychology majors receive a broad background in psychology and with an opportunity to explore specific areas in more depth. To enrich your education, you are encouraged to participate in activities such as research projects, colloquia, and paraprofessional activities (e.g., Psychology Club, Psi Chi (an honor society for psychology majors), and volunteer work in the community).

With over 1500 majors, the psychology major is one of the most popular on the University of Florida campus. Faculty possess expertise in five different areas of specialization. These include:Behavior Analysis, Counseling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, and Social Psychology. Psychology majors at UF are well-prepared for graduate study in psychology, advanced professional programs (e.g., law, medicine, business, education), and a diverse array of careers.