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Transfer/Transient Students

Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to see a psychology advisor (Room 135 in the Psychology Building) either before transferring or very soon after arriving. Here are some of the typical questions that we are asked:

What are the minimum requirements for transferring into the psychology major?

Please visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ web page,, as well as the Admissions Office website,, for information about requirements.

Coursework that is often recommended is:

  1. Introductory (or General) Psychology
  2. A biology course (usually cell biology)
  3. Statistics I (STA2023 or equivalent)
  4. Precalculus (MAC1147, or MAC1140 & MAC1114 or equivalent)
  5. Any other psychology course

Note that psychology is a limited-access major, which means that students must maintain at least a 2.8 GPA.

What courses will count toward the psychology major requirements?

  1. Acceptance of any course required for the major except introductory psychology is handled through the Psychology Advising office.
  2. Students transferring from community colleges can count up to 9 credits toward the major, whereas students transferring from four-year institutions can count up to 18 credits toward the major.
    • Introductory Psychology taken at any other college will fulfill the PSY 2012 requirement and will count toward 3 of these credits.
    • If deemed equivalent to a UF psychology course, a 2000-level course will be counted as a 3000-level foundation course at UF and count toward 3 of these credits.
    • Another 2000-level course can be counted as a psychology elective and count toward 3 of these credits.
  3. Students transferring from four-year institutions may be able to substitute particular upper-division courses for Foundation-level or other psychology elective courses.
    • If the course was taken at another Florida SUS campus, and the prefix and last three digits match the Foundation-level course here (e.g., CLP x144), then the course will automatically be counted as a Foundation course. Courses with the identical course number will also automatically count.
    • To see courses from other Florida institutions that have previously been approved, click here. If your course is on the list, go to Psychology Advising (PSY 135), and we can make that course substitution for you on your degree audit.
    • If your course is not on this list, students can contact the appropriate faculty member within the department who regularly teaches the particular course to be substituted. Students should bring their course syllabus, along with this course substitution form. If the course is judged by the faculty member to be an acceptable substitute for our Foundation course, the student can bring the completed form to Psychology Advising (PSY 135), and we will then able to apply this course as counting toward the major.
    • For universities not on this list, please visit a psychology advisor in PSY 135, as we have a list of preapproved courses from non-Florida institutions available in our office.
  4. To determine whether a mathematics or biology course taken elsewhere will satisfy the psychology degree requirements, bring this form along with your course syllabus to the undergraduate coordinator of the respective department for approval. If approved, return the form to PSY 135. Courses automatically accepted include BSC XX05, XX06, XX07, XX08, and XX10. Math courses MAC 1114, 1140, and 1147 are accepted for part or all of the UF psychology requirement. Math courses such as “College Algebra” are not. Occasionally, other courses are acceptable.
  5. To determine whether a statistics course taken elsewhere will satisfy the requirement for STA 2023 and/or 3024, bring your course syllabus and this form to the undergraduate coordinator in the Statistics Department for approval. If approved, return the form to PSY 135.

What courses should I take when I first come to UF?

Obviously, it depends on the courses for which you are getting transfer credit. Generally, most transfer students enroll in:

  1. The laboratory course, PSY 3213L (this is a critical tracking course that you must take in your first semester)
  2. One or two foundation-level courses; see Requirements for Psychology link for a listing of these courses
  3. Courses to meet CLAS requirements

Completing these requirements early will allow students time to get involved in senior-level coursework and in individual work classes such as PSY 4911 (supervised research).

Information for Transient Students

Transient students or non-degree seeking students are either (1) UF students who want to take courses at another university and then transfer those courses to their UF degree, or (2) non-UF students who want to take courses at UF and then transfer those courses to their parent institution. Please see the headings below for information relevant to your situation.

UF students who want to take courses at another university:

If you are a UF student who wants to take courses at another institution (typically, during a summer semester), you should talk to a psychology advisor about the courses you wish to take. However, here are some questions to consider before you apply to be a transient student:

  1. How many courses are you planning to take? Please check with a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences advisor at 352-392-1521 about any college-related policies.
  2. Are the courses that you plan to take already approved course substitutions?
    • If the course has the exact number as a UF course or has the same prefix and last three digits, it is automatically approved as a course substitution.
    • For courses from Florida universities with different course #s from UF courses, you can check to see if the courses you want to take have previously been approved for transfer by visiting Transfer and Transient Students page, or specifically
    • If your course has already been approved, you will not need to take any extra steps. Once you have successfully completed the course, just visit the psychology advising office, and we will help to add the course to your transcript (if it has not already been added).
    • If your course has not previously been approved, you will need to demonstrate course equivalency in order to transfer the course. Visit the Transfer and Transient Students page to see what steps need to be taken to approve a course.
    • If you want to take courses at an out-of-state institution, please visit with a psychology advisor.
    • Note that the process for course approval includes Statistics, Math, and Biology courses in addition to psychology courses.
  3. Have you already transferred in credit from another university/college? If you are a transfer student or have otherwise transferred in 9 credits from a previous institution, then you will not be permitted to transfer in any more psychology courses. However, the department will allow you to take non-psychology courses (e.g., Statistics, Math, or Biology) as a transient student. Please contact a psychology advisor if this applies to you.
  4. Did you meet with a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences advisor about taking courses at a non-UF institution? You need to verify with AAC (Academic Advising Center; Farrior Hall) that you will not be violating any university requirements by taking the courses at a non-UF institution (e.g., residency requirement that least 30 hours are taken at UF). Visit for more information about eligibility requirements.

Before you can take courses at another institution, you will need to apply for transient student status. You can begin this process by visiting

Transient /Non-Degree seeking students from other Universities who want to take courses at UF:

If you are taking courses here at UF for only a semester and want to take psychology courses, the first thing you will need to do is check the prerequisites for those courses.

  1. If you believe you have met the prerequisite requirement from a course you took at your university, we ask that you copy and paste BOTH the prerequisite course you took (from your unofficial online transcript) and a course description of that prereq course (from your university’s course catalog). You can send us this copied information via email ( This information will be used to demonstrate eligibility for enrollment. It is very important that you contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (352-392-1521) to see if you need to send them your official transcripts to continue your enrollment.
  2. If you have not met the prerequisite requirement, you can be added to the course ONLY with instructor permission. Visit the Other Forms link and complete the Permission to Waive a Course Prerequisite Form (detailed instructions are on the form). Once completed, return the form to PSY 135, where we will continue the process of registration.

To determine if you are eligible to apply to UF as a transient student (and to see the steps you will need to take in order to apply), visit

To begin the application process, visit

NOTE: Please contact the advising office via email (, phone (352-273-2115), or in-person (PSY 135) if you need any special permissions to add a course. Sometimes, transient/non-degree seeking students are required to seek approval from the department to take a course. In this case, we ask that you receive permission from the instructor to take the course, at which point we will grant you approval.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the undergraduate advising office if you have any other questions.