Advising Office Hours

Priority is given to students who are in the advising office, meeting with an advisor. Email and phone messages will be answered in the order they are received, AS TIME PERMITS when we are not meeting with students. If you have a time-pressing issue, we encourage you to come into advising in person to ensure the fastest response.

Meet the Advisors

Follow this link to read a brief bio about our Undergraduate Psychology Advisors.
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Office hours week of Feb.24-28 2020


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jaxenne Daniels






Shubam Sharma

—: 1:00-5:00
Kissel Goldman
___ 12:00-3:30 12:00-4:30
Dr. Farrar 4:00-5:00 3:00-4:15


Advising office hours are subject to change, so check this page frequently, or call 273-2115 for current hours.

Individual appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Farrar as needed.



Undergraduate coordinator: Dr. Jeffrey Farrar-

Advisors: Jaxenne Daniels, Kissel Goldman, Shubam Sharma

DUE TO OVER 1600 MAJORS WE CANNOT PRINT OUT FORMS. Thanks for your understanding.