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The Department of Psychology offers numerous courses on a variety of topics for graduate students to enrich their academic experience. Seminar topics rotate each semester.

The course listings here are organized alphabetically. New students should note that, for the most part, the alphabetical listings correspond to field areas within the department. For instance, all developmental courses start with DEP, and all courses starting with SOP are social courses, etc.

Students are required to take a set of courses required by their program area. Most areas list these course requirements in their section on the department website. Consult with your area director and advisor to ensure that all of these course requirements are completed in a timely fashion.

All students in the department are also required to complete 9 hours of coursework outside of their identified program area (referred to as the “outside courses” requirement). Depending on area requirements and student selection of Option A or Option B in the degree requirements, these courses can be from within or outside the department. Within the department, these credits must be earned in content-based courses that cover important topics in psychology – students cannot count research hours, methodology courses, or statistics classes within the department because the intent of this requirement is to provide students with a broad knowledge base in psychology (special topics seminars will not count if they primarily cover methods or statistics).

  • All courses numbered 6099 are graduate-level introductions to a field area. Depending on previous course background, most students should enroll in 6099 introductory courses outside their area to meet the “outside courses” requirement.