Awards and Scholarships

The Department of Psychology is proud to be able to offers its students a significant awards program based on support from the college and university as well as endowments from generous alumni. Students also regularly apply for prizes or research funding from the National Institute of Health, the American Psychological Association, the Council of Graduate Directors of Psychology Programs, and from other national associations that are related to their specific research interests. To find out more about these specific associations, check with your area director and advisor. University of Florida award opportunities are noted here.


Competitive travel awards are funded by both the department and the college to support student travel for presentation of research at national and regional conferences. Travel awards are also available from the Graduate Student Council. Department travel awards range from $100 to $250.


Gerber Developmental Psychology Research Award This award is conferred annually upon a doctoral student in the department of psychology in recognition of outstanding merit in research in the area of developmental psychology. $1000

Gerber Social Psychology Outstanding Research Award This award is conferred annually upon a doctoral student in the department of psychology in recognition of outstanding merit in contributing to the area of social psychology. $1000

Gerber Behavior Analysis Psychology Research Award This award is conferred annually upon a doctoral student in recognition of outstanding merit in contributing to the area of Behavior Analysis. $1000

Jacquelin Goldman Fellowship Program in Developmental Psychology This Fellowship Program includes several awards conferred annually to support doctoral student research and training in the field of Developmental Psychology. Currently enrolled graduate students conducting developmentally-focused research are eligible to apply for most awards regardless of student’s area affiliation. Awards include:

The Jacquelin Goldman Dissertation Fellowship: 1 year (up to 12 month) This fellowship support an outstanding doctoral student conducting a dissertation focused on developmental questions with the expectation that this work will make a significant contribution to our understanding of the development in the Fellow’s field of research. The award amount is up to $23,000 plus tuition waver.

The Jacquelin Goldman Spring Scholarship: Single Spring Fellowship. This scholarship provides support for a doctoral student conducting research in the field of Developmental Psychology. The award amount is $6000.

Jacquelin Goldman Developmental Research Award: Research awards provides support for research expenses for doctoral students conducting research in the field of Developmental Psychology. The award amount is up to $5000.

The Trish Calvert Ring Fund in Psychology This fund supports graduate student research and dissemination activities in recognition of students whose research projects are expected to make a significant contribution to their respective areas of Psychology.

Thomas G. Pye Award – Awarded annually to outstanding undergraduate psychology majors for their pursuit of careers in mental health professions. $2000

Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Award – This award was established by Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt. It is awarded annually to a graduate student for outstanding achievement in research in psychobiology. $500

The Ted Landsman Award for Counseling Psychology – This award is conferred annually upon a doctoral student in counseling psychology whose projects or initiatives promise to promote an understanding of or contribution to positive human growth. $1000

Dereck Chiu Counseling Psychology STAR Scholarship. This Scholarship is to provide financial support for Counseling Psychology students’ research or training relevant to their professional development. Up to four scholarships in the amount of $200 each are awarded each academic year.

The Outstanding Counseling Psychology Student Award. This award recognizes an outstanding graduate student in the counseling psychology program who has an excellent record of scholarship and professional development. The recipient of this award is also nominated for the national competition for the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Pioneer Psychology Faculty Fund Award – Recipient is selected on the basis of excellent academic performance and promise in the conduct of research in the science of psychology. This award is made to commemorate the memory of Dr. Elmer D. Hinckley and those other early faculty members who pioneered the development of the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida. $1000

E. Porter Horne Memorial Scholarship – This award was established as an everlasting memorial to Professor E. Porter Horne’s commitment to the study of psychology. It is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student pursuing the study of sensory processes, perception, and/or cognitive psychology. $1000

Henry C. and Audrey S. Schumacher Fellowship Fund – This fellowship fund is to benefit graduate students in the Department of Psychology. The selection of recipients of the fellowship shall be left to the Dean of the College and the Chair of Psychology or persons designated by them. The award will be for an Outstanding Dissertation in the department of Psychology. $1000

Pearson Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award – The Pearson Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award in Psychology is awarded to one doctoral student in the Department of Psychology each year whose distinctive instructional accomplishments demonstrate excellence in undergraduate education. Students who submit applications for the Graduate School’s Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award are automatically nominated for consideration for the Pearson Award, as well. $1000

The David Robert Ferguson Memorial Award – The David Robert Ferguson Award is designed for non-Florida residents, including non-US residents, who are Psychology graduate students and were undergraduate Psychology majors. David Ferguson was an out-of-state Psychology student. The award is merit-based, meaning more academically accomplished and outstanding students will be selected over less accomplished and less outstanding students. Students who intend to use the award to defray out-of-state tuition and related expenses are especially encouraged to apply. $1000


Many awards are offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including regular travel awards, dissertation awards, and teaching awards. For most of these awards, students first submit their application materials to the Graduate Studies Committee of the department. The department then ranks and forwards the best of these applications to the appropriate college awards committee for further consideration. Details about application deadlines each year will be publicized on the department graduate student listserve


The University of Florida is committed to providing a sound financial basis for pursuit of doctoral degrees. Recent endowment gifts and increased funding from the Florida legislature have provided additional funding opportunities for students. These include awards from the Graduate School that are available for all students, or for ethnic minority students, in particular.