Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate work in this area is relevant to students interested in the human service provider specialties such as Counseling, Clinical, School, Industrial/Organizational, Management, and Community Psychology. These courses are also relevant to students who want to gain a greater understanding of the ways in which basic psychological principles are applied in the human service provider specialties. For that reason, students whose primary interests are in cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology will find these courses to be valuable.

The basic course in the area is Personal Growth (PCO 2714). Advanced courses that build upon the core concepts and basic principles introduced in this course include Introduction to Personality (PPE 3004), Abnormal Psychology (CLP 3144), Current Theories and Research in Personality (PPE 4005), Introduction to Humanistic Psychology (PPE 4104), and Social Psychology of Leisure (PCO 4930). Suggested electives include courses at the 3000- and 4000- level in the Departments of Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Religion.

Undergraduate Courses

CLP 3144 Abnormal Psychology — The varieties of disordered experience and conduct are studied for their contribution to an understanding of more effective personal and social adjustment. Specific disorders include the neuroses and psychoses as well as psychosomatic and conduct disturbances.

PCO 2714 Personal Growth — An introduction to the concepts and techniques in psychology which apply to personal growth and development. In order to provide greater depth to the course, all students are required to participate in research projects (or prescribed alternative equivalent experiences).

PCO 4055 Current Issues in Personality and Counseling — Issues and problems in description, development, and organization of personality counseling.

PCO 4104 Humanistic Psychology — The contemporary humanistic view of human behavior and experience. Emphasis upon the human potentialities for high level functioning including creativity, self-concept, caring, and commitment.

PCO 4930 Seminar in Counseling Psychology (3; may be repeated to 6 credits): Advanced study of topics in counseling psychology. Content varies term to term. Probable topics include psychology of women, health psychology, studies of the person, studies of the self.