Program, Department, & College Awards

There are several local awards that you may want to pursue. Some of these awards are for undergraduate students and others are for graduate students. Both types usually require a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or advisor. Here is a summary:

Dereck Chiu Counseling Psychology STAR Scholarship – This Scholarship is to provide financial support for students in the Counseling Psychology Program who need funding to conduct research, present their research at a conference, or attend a training that is relevant to their professional development. Up to four scholarships in the amount of $200 each will be awarded each academic year. These scholarships are designed to fund either research or training, broadly defined. The application is provided as a pdf.

The Ted Landsman Award for Counseling Psychology – This award is conferred annually upon a doctoral student in counseling psychology whose projects or initiatives promise to promote an understanding of or contribution to positive human growth or improving the human condition. $1000

The Outstanding Counseling Psychology Student Award – This award recognizes an outstanding graduate student in the counseling psychology program who has an excellent record of scholarly and professional development. $200. The recipient of this award is also nominated for the national competition for the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs Outstanding Graduate Student Award. $500

Pioneer Psychology Faculty Fund Award – Recipient is selected on the basis of excellent academic performance and promise in the conduct of research in the science of psychology. This award is made to commemorate the memory of Dr. Elmer D. Hinckley and those other early faculty members who pioneered the development of the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida. $1000

Henry C. and Audrey S. Schumacher Fellowship Fund – This fellowship fund is to benefit graduate students in the Department of Psychology. The selection of recipients of the fellowship shall be left to the Dean of the College and the Chair of Psychology or person or persons designated by them. The award will be for an Outstanding Dissertation in the department of Psychology. $1000

Allyn & Bacon/Longman Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award – The Allyn and Bacon Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award is awarded each year to a graduate student in psychology who demonstrates distinction in relation to undergraduate teaching. Application is made to the Graduate Studies Committee in the Spring term, and is concurrent with application for the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award sponsored by the Graduate School; an application for the latter automatically enters the student into consideration for the former. The award carries a $500 stipend and is presented at the annual Departmental luncheon.

The Department of Psychology Graduate Travel Award – The Department of Psychology Graduate Travel Award program is conducted concurrently with the CLAS Graduate Travel program (i.e., submission to the CLAS program automatically qualifies a student for consideration for the Departmental program, as well). The level of departmental support varies according to the departmental budget, but is ordinarily in the $100-$200 range.

Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Award – This award was established by Robert A. Levitt and Phyllis Levitt. It is awarded annually to a graduate student for outstanding achievement in research in psychobiology. $1000

E. F. Malagodi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Awarded annually to the student in the behavior analysis program who best exemplifies Dr. Malagodi’s dedication to the conceptual, theoretical, and empirical foundations of a science of behavior. $1000

E. Porter Horne Memorial Scholarship – This award was established as an everlasting memorial to Professor E. Porter Horne’s commitment to the study of psychology. It is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student pursuing the study of sensory processes, perception, and/or cognitive psychology. $1000

The Doris Thames Staff Excellence Award – In memory of Doris Thames, the much beloved Psychology Department staff colleague who served as the Department’s accountant from March 4, 1977 until her death on July 30, 2001, the Department of Psychology has established an award for a full time USPS/TEAMS employee with outstanding and meritorious service to the Department and to its students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. $500

Alumnae of the Year – plaque

Behavior Analysis Research Award: Claudia Dozier –plaque

Thomas G. Pye Award – Awarded annually to outstanding undergraduate psychology majors for their pursuit of careers in mental health professions. $2000

The CLAS Dissertation Fellowship Award – Disseratation Fellowship applications are in the Fall term each year. Applications are made to the Graduate Studies Committee which, in turn, ranks the applicants and forwards nominees to the College for further consideration. CLAS Dissertation Fellowships are currently funded at $3,750, and may be taken either in the Spring or Summer semester.

CLAS Graduate Student Travel Award – The CLAS Graduate Student Travel Award is designed to support the dissemination of scholarly work at national or international conferences. Applications occur three times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer), and are submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee which, in turn, ranks the applications and forwards them to the College for further review. CLAS Graduate Student Travel Awards are currently funded at the $250 level.