A Multitude of Research Options

The Department of Psychology provides a very diverse and far-ranging research program for graduate students across its five areas of specialization. Even within each area, our faculty represent a range of interests. For example, in behavior analysis and neurobehavioral and cognitive sciences, human as well as animal models are explored in our laboratories. In developmental, students can investigate language and other cognitive processes in early childhood as well as late life. In social psychology, students investigate how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by real or imagined other people and groups. For more details on the range of options you have for study, explore the area specialization sections on the website.

Students are involved in both research and teaching activities throughout their tenure in the department. Students begin research with their faculty mentors during their first year in the graduate program, and will be expected to be actively engaged in research throughout their graduate careers, writing publications as well as research grants. Faculty work closely with students to assist them in this process. The department, college, and university offer a number of research awards and travel money to support the growth of our graduate students as academic professionals. Graduate students in our department have also been very successful obtaining national awards, such as the highly prestigious National Research Service Awards from the National Institutes of Health.