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Psychology Chair Search Committee

The Department of Psychology is conducting a search for the Department chair.  Notes and minutes of meetings from the committee can be found on this page.
Minutes from 02/07/2018 meeting

Agenda for March 20th meeting:

  • Summary of the poll data
  • Selection of individuals to approach as candidates
  • Options about what candidates should provide and by when (1 page vision, 15-20 minute presentation???)
  • Options about final voting and information we will collect from faculty about candidates.
  • Schedule next meeting

2/20/18 Psychology Department Chair’s Search Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Lisa Scott, Kate Ratliff, Brian Cahill, AD Peter Waylen, Neil Rowland
Absent: Jane Southworth (outside member from Geography).

  1. Discussion of psychology department faculty poll of suggested candidates
  2. Discussion of questions that came up related to the poll and search
  3. Fire Alarm went off, meeting completed outside
  4. Materials to request from candidates and to be distributed before the vote:
    1. One page vision for the future.
    2. One page summary of relevant previous experience and qualifications.
  5. Discussion of steps moving forward.

3/14 Department Meeting Minutes: Chair Search Candidate Presentations and Q & A

Faculty Attendance: Lise Abrams, Susan Bluck, Jesse Dallery, Iser DeLeon, Darragh Devine, Dorothy Espelage, Julie Graber, Marty Heesacker, Andreas Keil, Carolyn Tucker, Natalie Ebner, Jeffer Farrar, Darlene Kertes, Lori Knackstedt, Marek Schwendt, Colin Smith, Ron Chandler, Nicole Dorey, Marina Klimenko, & Lawton Swan.

Search Committee Attendance: Lisa Scott (Chair), Kate Ratiff, Brain Cahill, Peter Waylen, Jane Southworth

Staff Attendance: Cindy Heesacker, Nicole Caldwell, David Fowler, Rachel Harris, Michael LeGrande.

Graduate Student Representative: Melissa Cervantes

11:45: Lisa Scott described the voting process
11:45: Darragh Devine presented his vision for the Department followed by a 10 minute question and answer period.
12:15: Julie Graber presented her vision for the Department followed by a 10 minute question and answer period.
12:40: Meeting adjourned.


  1. Two feedback/ballot forms will be used, one for each candidate. Forms should be returned to David Fowler by March 21st at 4 pm. Forms can be emailed or returned in person.
  2. Vision and qualifications/relevant experience statements for each candidate have been distributed to faculty, staff and students via email.
  3. Michael LeGrande will post a video tape of the presentations online for those who were unable to attend. Lisa Scott will send around a link when available.
  4. Next meeting will be on Friday March 23rd from 11:00-11:45 AM in room 108.