Registration Forms for Individual Work Courses

To register for any of the individual work classes, you must first print out the appropriate form (you can also type in the information before printing):

  • PSY 4911: Undergraduate Research in Psychology (this has replaced our PSY 3912 course)
  • PCO 4911: Undergraduate Research in Psychology of Health Disparities (to be used for students involved in research in Dr. Tucker’s lab)
  • PSY 4905: Individual Work
  • PSY 4940: Introduction to Teaching in Psychology
  • PSY 4949: Community Work in Psychology
  • PSY 4970: Senior Thesis
  • CLP 3911: ***This form is for registering for CLP 3911 through the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. We CANNOT register you for this course in PSY 135; we are simply providing it here for your convenience. You must go to 3158 HPNP.

To enroll in PSY 4911 or PSY 4905, you must have the above forms signed off by a faculty who is eligible to supervise research and senior theses in our department. Click here to see the lists. If your supervisor is not on this list, you will not be able to register for these courses until you find an eligible faculty to serve as a faculty sponsor and sign off on the form. For PSY 4970, you must have a faculty specifically in the psychology department serve as a co-chair if your research supervisor is in another department, including Clinical and Health Psychology.