Information for Faculty Mentors

The CLAS IDS major is a limited-access major that requires a minimum 3.0 GPA. Neurobiological sciences majors are typically looking for an intensive research experience in the neurosciences in preparation for either graduate school or advanced training in the health professions (i.e., medical or dental school). Students must select two tenure-track or tenure accruing faculty members who agree to work with them from the planning stages to the completion of the thesis research proposal. At least one faculty adviser must be a member of CLAS.

The senior thesis research of IDS students should involve all phases of the research enterprise, from experimental design, data collection, data analyses and data interpretation. The IDS student must submit a research proposal that not only outlines the broad research initiative, but also clearly describes the student’s role in that research.

The letter from the primary sponsor should briefly identify the role of the student in the research, which should correspond to the student’s role as outlined in his/her research proposal. It should also include a statement that the necessary physical, technical and intellectual support will be available to the student.

The letter from the secondary sponsor should state that the sponsor has reviewed the student’s proposed curriculum and research project, and approves of both.